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Cisco patches denial of service flaw affecting VoIP Phones

Cisco patched a High severity IPv4 Fragmentation vulnerability which could result in a denial of service along with three other medium severity bugs.

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain may push back Mainnet launch

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain and smart contracts platform may push back the Mainnet launch scheduled for June 2.

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft patches Remote Desktop Protocol exploit

This month's Microsoft patch Tuesday included more than 70 patches 15 of which were marked as critical.

Not-for-profit Open Bug Bounty announces 100K fixed vulnerabilities

The not for profit bug bounty hunters of Open Bug Bounty recently announced its number of recorded bug bounties had reached 100,000.

Gas station software flaws offer cheap gas, admin rights, and more

A pair of researchers discovered vulnerabilities in an automated gas station management system that allowed them to alter fuel prices among other things.