Accelerate your Zero Trust initiative with stronger and simpler access controls

On-Demand Webcast|0.75 Hour

Securing who has access to what, when and under the right conditions is foundational to any mature network security strategy. Learn how to augment and replace failing legacy security controls with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), a proven and effective solution that minimizes risk AND simplifies operations. In this webcast, Jim Anthony will demonstrate the raw potential of Appgate SDP, a Leader in the 2021 Forrester ZTNA New Wave.  

Join Jim as he shows what modern secure access looks like: 

  • Identity- and context-aware access that’s as dynamic as your environments 
  • Invisible infrastructure with minimal blast radius and lateral movement
  • Robust integrations for enhanced security posture and automation
  • Unified and simpler policy management for all users and hybrid workloads  



Jim Anthony

VP, Cybersecurity


Jim has led Appgate’s global cybersecurity solutions engineering team since 2015. Prior to that, he spent a decade in various positions that included Jim Sales Engineer for AT&T’s hosting and managed services division; Director for Data Return’s IT operations outsourcing division; and Vice President of Sales Engineering for Verizon’s cloud and managed hosting group (formerly Terremark). His focus has been on large, complex security and managed hosting opportunities that leverage consolidation, virtualization and cloud services as major parts of the delivery method. Early in his career, Jim held various positions with content delivery network, ERP and database software companies and owned his own consulting company from 1996 through 2000. Jim earned his Bachelor's of Science in Accounting and Computer Science from Minnesota State University at Mankato and resides in San Diego with his wife.


Bill Brenner

VP, Content

CyberRisk Alliance