Enterprises are constantly targeted by cybercriminals stealing millions of dollars, often causing damage and destruction. These targeted attacks are 100% successful  and are not just malware-based. Targeted attacks such as Dridex, Shamoon2 and Odinaff use sophisticated techniques once available only to nation state actors are in the hands of criminal groups and hacktivists, bypassing existing enterprise security defense stack. 

Because any breach can be catastrophic, Endgame helps organizations achieve zero breach tolerance. Endgame’s endpoint security platform prevents compromise, stops on-going attacks and automates the hunt for the next generation of attacks, before the damage and loss occurs.

 oin Braden Preston, principal product manager at Endgame for a conversation on how to pivot your existing resources to stop targeted attacks such as Shamoon2, Dridex and Odinaff, across your enterprise before any damage and loss occurs.