Adversarial Emulation: How Does Your Team Rate?

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Security teams know the key to catching and stopping attacks early is to understand how their adversaries think. But many are behind the curve, according to a recent survey (conducted by CyberRisk Alliance and sponsored by PlexTrac) among 315 security influencers and decision makers in the U.S. and Canada.

When it comes to stopping ransomware attacks in particular:

  • More than half (57%) believe it's important for their organization to understand adversarial behavior in defending against ransomware or advanced attacks
  • Only 46% have conducted some type of adversarial attack simulation/emulation exercise
  • Only 30% say they are adept at understanding adversarial behavior

In this webcast, CRA’s Bill Brenner and PlexTrac’s Dan DeCloss will discuss the survey results and offer guidance on how to leverage adversary emulation and purple teaming to begin improving security posture today.



Daniel DeCloss

Founder / CEO & President


Dan has over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity. Dan started his career in the Department of Defense and then moved on to consulting where he worked for various companies. Prior to PlexTrac, Dan was the Director of Cybersecurity for Scentsy where he and his team built the security program out of its infancy into a best-in-class program. Dan has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School with an emphasis in Information Security. Additionally, Dan holds the OSCP and CISSP certifications.


Bill Brenner

VP, Content

CyberRisk Alliance