Browser Isolation: Extend Zero Trust threat and data protection

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Today, the web browser is likely everyone’s most-used application. But with users online more than ever and constantly executing unknown, untrusted code, the browser also represents one of an organization’s largest attack surfaces. 

Browser isolation solutions execute all browser code in the cloud -- far away from local devices. That way, users are protected from zero-day and known vulnerabilities, wherever they browse. Isolation is also a powerful way to protect sensitive data that reside in your self-hosted and SaaS based applications from less trusted users and devices such as contractors or BYOD -- an area where it’s been typically tough to apply controls.

In this webinar, Cloudflare will share how to integrate browser isolation into your threat and data protection strategy -- with no tradeoffs in experience for end users. You will also hear from Jonathan Lister Parsons, CTO and co-founder of PensionBee, who will share perspectives on evolving his organization's IT and security strategy and the role browser isolation plays in that journey. 

Register now, and you’ll learn: 

  • How recent innovations have made browser isolation now more accessible than ever
  • How browser isolation can augment a Zero Trust strategy
  • How PensionBee and organizations like it are adopting browser isolation today



Jonathan Lister Parsons



Jonathan Lister Parsons co-founded PensionBee with Romi Savova in 2014. In his role as the Chief Technology Officer, he is passionate about bringing customers' pension experience into the 21st century, and using technology to transform pension transfer processes that typically take months to a five-minute process on a smartphone.

Jonathan champions a tech-forward culture within the business, aiming to raise the level of technology literacy among employees, and creating opportunities for people to develop technical skills as they move through different roles in their career at PensionBee.

Prior to co-founding PensionBee, Jonathan founded a digital consultancy, Penrose, and worked at British Telecom. Jonathan holds an MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge.


Tim Obezuk

Product Manager


Tim Obezuk is a Product Manager at Cloudflare, where he is focused on building next generation Zero Trust browsing products. Before moving from Australia to San Francisco, Tim helped companies build fast secure software and infrastructure both in the cloud and on the edge. Tim is passionate about using simplicity and creativity to build powerful solutions.


Deb Radcliff

Strategic Analyst

CyberRisk Alliance

Deb Radcliff, strategic analyst with the CRA’s custom research program, is the first investigative journalist to make cybercrime a beat. In 2005, she stood up an analyst program for the SANS Institute, which she directed for fifteen years. Radcliff has won two Neal Awards for investigative reporting, and feels one of her crowning career moments was speaking at West Point Military Academy.