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20/20 webcast

Defending your data


Thursday, December, 17th, 2020

2:00PM ET

While Inbound Protection such as Anti-phishing is a critical part of any Email Security deployment, when it comes down to it, it is probably best to assume that bad guys are already in your network.

The day of the effective moat is long gone. However, even if they’re in your network, they can’t do much if you’ve locked down all of avenues of exfiltration of data. Assuming the attackers are not trying to destroy your network from within by deleting files or damaging hardware, if they can’t send anything off your network, you win.

This 20/20 webcast and Special Report will examine approaches you can take to lock up your network, including protecting outgoing email through encryption. We also look at various techniques you can employ to protect your data from being taken off your network via email and other exfiltration approaches

Stephen Lawton

Stephen Lawton

Special Projects Editorial Director

SC Media

Paul Keane

Paul Keane

Director Product Management


Paul is responsible for the vision and execution of Axway’s Email portfolio. In this role, Paul works with customers and partners defining and executing solutions, and internally with Sales, Marketing and Product Development to bring Axway’s solutions to market. Before joining Axway, Paul worked in the software industry for 25 years, with over half of those in the security space. These included roles in Engineering, Pre-Sales and Marketing, for a range of companies based in Europe and the US. Paul received an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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