When it comes to cyber security, you’ll find there’s no shortage of experts with information as to how to prevent breaches from happening. But what does an impending attack look like from a threat actor’s perspective?

In this enlightening webinar you will hear from both sides – hacker vs. defender, exploitation vs. prevention, exfiltration vs. remediation.

Join us and you will get the backgrounds of recent data breaches, plus:

Hear a “threat actor” perspective:
•         How they observe and select the target – the “slow gazelle”
•         Why they select certain targets
•         Their definitions of an opportunistic vs. targeted victim
•         How they complete the kill chain (attack structure)
Hear a “defender” perspective:
•         How they detect and remediate; disrupting the kill chain
•         How they purge any path the threat actor sets up for future access
•         How they apply the security measures to recent data breaches and how these breaches could have been prevented