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How to Enhance Your Cyber Defense Program


Friday, December, 18th, 2020

2:00PM ET

Knowing which threats you face and how to counter them is just the beginning of developing your cyber defense program. Organizations need to keep track of their programs and ensure that the solutions they applied are working. Join the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a community-driven nonprofit, for a deep dive into CIS SecureSuite®. Learn how becoming a member can deliver the right tools and resources can help you enhance your cyber defense program.

You’ll learn:
· what the CIS Benchmarks™ are and how the strength of our international communities can develop consensus-based, vendor-agnostic configuration guidelines;
· how to conduct remote endpoint assessments with CIS-CAT® Pro, a premium assessment tool;
· how to assess your implementation of the CIS Controls® and track progress over time; and
· how to utilize CIS Build Kits to rapidly implement CIS Benchmark secure configuration guidelines.

Susan Lindquist

Susan Lindquist

Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer

Center for Internet Security

Susan is a subject matter expert in IT Management Solutions with over 20 years of experience working for global leaders in IT business management solutions and is ITIL and GIAC certified.

Jill Aitoro

Jill Aitoro

Editor in Chief

SC Media

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