Warning. It’s Hunting Season.  Hackers don’t wear blaze orange. 

Sophisticated adversaries are targeting you, your employees and your data. Let’s face it, yesterday’s traditional security defenses leave you exposed and render your corporate network open terrain. Take the target and put it on the attacker’s back.  

Join a panel of security experts: Jeremy Linden, Sr. Product Manager Cisco Umbrella, Dhia Mahjoub, Principal Engineer Cisco Umbrella, Craig Williams, Sr. Technical Leader, Cisco Talos, and Robert Simmons, Director of Research, ThreatConnect, for an inside look at how to identify attackers, stalk their internet infrastructures and disrupt cyber-criminals before they disrupt you.

Hunt or be hunted.

Attendees will learn::

● Ways to identify malicious infrastructure across the internet to predict where future attacks may be staged.
● Why signature-based antivirus, firewalls, and proxy gateways don’t protect against advanced targeted attacks 
● How to gain visibility into threat across your endpoints, network and in the wild.

See why more organizations are enforcing security in the cloud.