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Virtual Conference

Is your incident response plan what it needs to be?


Wednesday, August, 19th, 2020

10:30AM ET

Though data breaches may be commonplace, their potential to do harm remains high. The lack of an appropriate response plan only multiplies their likely impact. Is Your Incident Response Plan What It Needs to Be? is a new virtual conference produced by SC Media. Offering a comprehensive perspective on an essential cybersecurity discipline, this two-day event is designed both for organizations that lack a plan and those that suspect their plan may need an update.

Through our engaging and interactive e-learning format, the program and conversation will provide awareness of the fundamental problems of incident response planning, and go deep on the solutions, including:

  • When, how and where you should invest in preparation.
  • The people, processes, and technologies of a successful incident response program.
  • A look at the realities a modern-day responder faces.
  • Steps you must take to ensure your organization will spring into action when the time comes.

Join us August 19-20 to hear from incident-response experts and network with other security professionals who can share real-world experiences on what’s worked and what hasn’t. With cyber threats continuously looming, there is a good chance you’ll have an incident to respond to in your future. Taking a proactive stance is essential. Register today.

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