Despite the popular belief that security and development teams have conflicting priorities, initiatives such as creating DevOps environments and focusing on product innovation have the two teams aligned toward a common goal of creating secure software. As software continues to be the major driver of innovation and economic growth, eliminating the perception of friction between security and development is a priority for IT professionals. In a recent study conducted between Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and Veracode, it was reported that 58 percent of respondents stated their organization is taking a collaborative approach to securing applications.

Join Doug Cahill, ESG Senior Analyst and Pete Chestna, Veracode’s Director of Developer Engagement as they take a deeper dive into the results of this survey.

During this webinar you will learn:
Why the need to establish accountability and empathy between security and development teams is critical to creating successful DevOps environments

  • How the evolving relationship between Security and Development is pushing the need for operationalizing AppSec with DevOps, creating “DevSecOps”
  • How the ability to integrate security practices into the software development lifecycle and report across organizational boundaries can increase the rate of product deliver, strengthen competitive advantage, and ensure compliance