Archived: Latest DDoS trends and the rise of ransom-driven attacks

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

DDoS attacks have dominated the charts in terms of frequency, sophistication and geo-distribution over the past year. Ransom DDoS attacks — that, unlike ransomware attacks, do not even require the hacker to access an organization’s internal systems before it can be carried out — are also surging lately. While there are no signs of DDoS attacks going away anytime soon, how do organizations ensure that their Internet assets are protected against threats of any size or kind?

In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

• key Q2 2021 DDoS attack trends;
• ransom DDoS threats — and what you can do if you are affected; and
• steps organizations can take to make the impact of DDoS attacks a thing of the past.


Vivek Ganti

Security Product Marketing


Vivek leads Product Marketing for Cloudflare’s DDoS protection solutions. With a background in engineering and more than seven years of experience in product marketing across cloud security and networking infrastructure, Vivek has a passion for transforming bits and bytes into crisp business outcomes.