Proactive Cyber Defenses | SC Media
20/20 webcast

Proactive Cyber Defenses


Thursday, June, 25th, 2020

1:00PM ET

When one thinks of the word “defense,” an image of something stopping an intruder often comes to mind. But what if your defenses became proactive and went on the offensive? That’s the idea behind such security strategies as red and blue team, threat sharing, and the use of artificial intelligence to build smarter threat intelligence defenses. Rather than waiting for the attackers, some CISOs are doing their own hacking of their own and their partners’ applications, making sure that there are no Zero Days being introduced into their networks. 

Companies also are being more aggressive about ensuring their supply chains are safe and using threat intelligence to reduce the number of known attack vulnerabilities.

What are you doing to protect your network in advance, and how do you sell these proactive programs to your C-Suite?

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