Ransomware Recovery: Lessons from the CRA/InfraGard Survey

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

When ransomware gangs attack, organizations’ recovery efforts are often complicated by a lack of process and procedures, limited resources and a general lack of crisis management planning. That, according to a survey of InfraGard’s 77,000-plus membership, which includes organizations in the defense/industrial base, commercial facilities, financial services and healthcare/public health. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this webcast, sponsored by eSentire, Tiff Cook — the company's senior director of incident response — will outline ways to overcome these obstacles through multi-signal managed detection and response and other tools/techniques. He’ll explain the benefits of a retainer-based service that works with customers to develop the plan and capabilities necessary for a fast, effective response. This includes:

  • Tabletop testing and other practice scenarios to help your company prepare for possible attacks
  • Processes and procedures every company should have in place in the event of a breach
  • Putting endpoint sensors in place to collect and protect data that could become evidence in a future investigation
  • Outlining crisis response scenarios and how to react to each, when it comes to tasks like notifying law enforcement and customers



Tiff Cook

Senior Director of Incident Response


As Senior Director of Incident Response, Tiff Cook oversees delivery of security services as an extension of eSentire’s core platform operations with an emphasis on cyber investigations, digital forensics, incident response, and breach remediation consulting. Tiff brings 25 years of information and risk management experience, specializing in payment card data security, forensics investigations, cybercrimes, cyber defense, and threat and risk assessments for industrial control systems. He’s worked in highly classified environments with the Department of Defense, United States Treasury, United States Postal Service, and the Commercial Industry. At Verizon Tiff was responsible for Investigative Response and Cyber Crimes, most recently as the North American Regional Manager for Cybersecurity and Incident Response Team Operations and was also an Intelligence Liaison Officer for Ohio Homeland Security. As a liaison officer, Tiff coordinated multi-agency responses between members of the public safety community, private sector, and government entities, in the fight against all hazards crime and terrorism. Tiff holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ohio University, and a number of certifications including CISSP, CRISC, CRMA, CSSA, CCFE, C|EH, CFC, and C|HFI.


Bill Brenner

VP, Content

CyberRisk Alliance