To commemorate the chilling 10th volume of Veracode’s flagship report, the State of Software Security (SOSS), we invite you to join this upcoming webinar featuring Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder of Veracode.

Chris will share how the evolution of this report over the past 10 years demonstrates the frighteningly rapid change and growth in the application security industry, and also what has remained horrifyingly the same. In addition, he’ll take a less-scary look at the AppSec landscape and examine the best practices that are leading to some stellar fix rates. 

During this webinar, Chris will share insights into this year’s key findings including:

  • The prevalence of security debt as a result of not addressing and fixing older findings from scans
  • The impact of scan frequency and cadence on time to remediation, fix rates, and level of security debt
  • The importance of prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk severity rather than on time of discovery