Reducing the mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) to cyber threats is a priority for every enterprise information security team. Security analytics solutions are improving the speed and accuracy of detection by providing security pros with better data with which to make decisions. These solutions are also delivering robust security context in alerts and accelerating response by providing efficient and effective incident orchestration workflows.       

In this webinar, Joseph Blankenship, senior analyst at Forrester, and Chris Brazdziunas, vice president of products at LogRhythm, will discuss security analytics and the role it plays in a mature security operations program.

You’ll learn:
• Key market dynamics driving the adoption of Security analytics 
• What constitutes critical capabilities of best-in-class  Security analytics solutions
• How to use Security analytics to identify the most critical threats amidst a mountain of security events
• The impact Security analytics  can have on improving your organization’s MTTD and MTTR
• How SA can reduce TCO as well as the risk of experiencing a material breach 
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