It is more common than you would imagine that organizations and brands have more web applications than they realize – as many as 30 percent more than previously known in some cases.

Hear from Bipin Mistry, Director of Product Management at Veracode who will provide examples of how his team has worked with customers to uncover these hidden applications. For example, during one project for a high street bank in the UK, the team discovered 1,800 websites that had yet to be logged!

There are a number of reasons unknown or unlogged web applications continue to live in portfolios- including M&A activity resulting in acquired web assets, and the proliferation of the digital landscape with marketing promotional sites. Ultimately, the very thing meant to draw attention to your brand and boost your bottom line is the same target attackers go after to infiltrate your organization.

Join this session to learn how to uncover unknown web applications in your portfolio to ensure their security from cyber attackers.