DevOps has not yet fully transitioned to DevSecOps – leaving the DevOps inherently insecure. What is preventing security from integrating into DevOps? This discussion will offer an answer. Specifically, it will define capabilities that application security should adopt, explain how existing technologies should change, forecast emerging technologies, and estimate the pace of application security transformation within this era of DevOps. 

Join Joseph Feiman, Chief Innovation Officer at Veracode, will discuss the technology solutions needed for security to seamlessly integrate into DevOps – technologies that application development, operation, and security specialists don’t have to learn, see, or run. He’ll share insights into these technologies, forecast the pace of their adoption, and evaluate benefits of adopting one technology versus another.  Attendees of this session will learn what will come to the market within the next few years, how to plan adoption, and what will or will not work when application security eventually transforms to enable DevSecOps.
This webinar is for CISOs and CIOs, security managers and security specialists, as well as development and operations managers and specialists.