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Tips to avoid the top five mistakes in vulnerability management


Starts: March 31st, 2021 2:00PM ET

Ends: March 31st, 2021 3:00PM ET

Vulnerability management initiatives too often fall short of the objective to secure digital infrastructure. Lots of scanning and vulnerability prioritization, but not a lot of actual remediation. Admittedly, moving from simple vulnerability management to deliberate vulnerability remediation isn’t easy. There are so many moving parts, with dozens of stakeholders, and a crush of infrastructure with related vulnerabilities growing exponentially.

Join Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Vulcan Cyber co-founder and CEO, to learn how to avoid the top five mistakes everybody is making in vulnerability management. You’ll also learn:

• The top five mistakes in vulnerability management.

• How you can avoid these mistakes by shifting the objectives from vulnerability management to vulnerability remediation.

• How the Vulcan Cyber platform can help your team get fix done through scan-to-fix vulnerability remediation orchestration.

Attendees of this webcast may be eligible for one CPE credit.


Yaniv Bar-Dayan

CEO & Co-Founder

Vulcan Cyber

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