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Too close to the Sun(burst): A supply chain compromise


Thursday, February, 18th, 2021

11:00AM ET

Even the most secured and well-patched environments are at risk from cyber threats, evidenced by the SUNBURST attack on SolarWinds’ Orion software. When an incident like this occurs, your technical abilities and how you make decisions in the heat of a potential crisis are vital. This interactive crisis sim webcast is inspired by the real-life events of SUNBURST and enables you to make decisions that balance the risks to your organization. You can investigate how a supply chain software compromise can affect your business and what actions (if any) you need to take. 

Join Immersive Labs in this webcast and see:

  • the impact of the human element in incident management and response;
  • how decisions in a major cyberattack have a business-wide impact; and
  • SUNBURST via our technical labs.



Chris Pace

Technology Advocate

Immersive Labs

Chris Pace serves as Technology Advocate for Immersive Labs, working to engage organizations with the power of human cyber readiness. Prior to beginning his career in information security, Pace trained as a broadcast journalist. He has additional experience working in IT departments in both the public and private sectors.


Paul Bentham

Chief Product Officer

Immersive Labs


Kev Breen

Director of Cyber Threat Research

Immersive Labs

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