For many retails, the holiday season is like printing money. According to the National Retail Federation, some retailers earn 30 percent of their annual revenue during the season. While the FBI’s IC3 database doesn’t break out crimes by month, its 2017 report shows increases in business email compromises (CEO Fraud), ransomware, and tech support fraud. The FBI reports it received more than 800 complaints on average per day.

Among the sites consumers will face during the holidays are fake retail web sites that actually are malware watering holes, spear phishing emails that drive targets to fake banking or financial services, and ransomware attacks that focus on the servers of web-based retail businesses that get the bulk of their revenue. Add on top of that the political turmoil gripping the nation and sites that purports to raise money for popular causes and now you have all the ingredients for a fraud-filled holiday bonanza.

This webcast looks at some of the most popular retail targets and provides insights on how to defend against the ever-present web-based cyberattacker.