5 Reasons CISOs Like You Trust BlackCloak

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Attacking your company’s leadership in their personal digital lives to subsequently move laterally into the organization that you protect has evolved from an occasional nuisance into a mainstream threat. Download this guide to learn how BlackCloak, as an extension of your security team, provides:

  • Personal privacy, device and network security protections to your executives when and where corporate security cannot
  • Protection from cyber extortion, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying; as well as online and in-person harassment, impersonations, and by extension, threats to your executive’s physical safety
  • Threat intelligence monitoring & remediation of cyberattacks that manifest when executives are outside of your team’s control
  • Peace of mind and the ability for your cybersecurity team to focus exclusively on what they do best: protecting the enterprise
  • White-glove concierge client service similar to what your executives have come to expect in other facets of their personal and work lives
5 Reasons CISOs Like You Trust BlackCloak