Attackers on High Ground as Organizations Struggle with Email Security

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Despite years of security investments, many organizations continue to struggle against criminal actors who launch daily phishing and other email-based attacks against them, according to new findings in a survey from CRA Business Intelligence, the research and content arm of the cybersecurity data and insights company CyberRisk Alliance.  

The May 2022 survey, conducted among 221 security and IT leaders and executives, security administrators and compliance professionals based in the United States, uncovered a variety of significant and persistent email security challenges. Most respondents report dealing with some form of email attack daily, with attacks on Microsoft and Google email systems rising substantially. In addition to phishing emails designed to capture login credentials, email attacks can also contain payloads that include traditional viruses or application macros, such as those that run in Word or Excel.  

Download the full research report to:

  • Understand present risks and the implications to your organization
  • Holistically assess your organization’s approaches for bolstering email security
  • Potentially mitigate the risks of a future security attack and/or breach