Beyond authentication: Identifying the person behind the number

Discussion Topics

What is more personal than personal identity?Customers expect you to keep them safe. Let a bad actor into your ecosystem, and it may be game over for your customers. They take it personally, and they’ll blame you. In fact, 85% of customers would avoid using a brand after losing trust in it.From login to purchase, it’s critical to know who the person is behind the OTP and know if they can be trusted. To help you build safer, more trusted relationships with your customers, download the Beyond Authentication: Identifying the Person Behind the Number eBook.You’ll gain insights into:

  • 2FA is a foundational piece of your fraud strategy, but is it enough to keep your customers safe?
  • How to use machine learning to unlock powerful risk and reputational assessment scores based on phone number data.
  • Why seamless verification and identification methods instill less friction in the customer journey and keeps everyone involved safe and happy.

So who’s the person behind the phone number? Let’s find out!

Beyond authentication: Identifying the person behind the number