Building a Security Awareness Program to Help Defend Against Cyber Extortion and Ransomware

Discussion Topics

Due to the rise in sophistication and volume of cyber extortion and ransomware, the time is now to bulk up your defenses against these threats.

You cannot achieve these improved defenses by deploying shiny “anti-ransomware” technology alone. A defense-in-depth model with multiple layers of control is needed.

Building a security culture, or in other words, strengthening your human defense layer, is one crucial element in the defense-in-depth model.

This whitepaper outlines an awareness campaign approach with the objective of strengthening your organization’s human layer of defense as a key control in the fight against cyber extortion attacks.

Download this whitepaper for insights into:

  • Applying an influential, three-part behavioral design model to security awareness program planning

  • Deploying relevant content by audience group to improve engagement

  • Creating awareness and building knowledge around extortionists’ top exploit causes, such as phishing

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