Executive Protection at Home is the Major Gap in Cybersecurity

Discussion Topics

Security teams like yours do heroic work protecting the enterprise from cyberattack. But the explosion of a new attack surface –the personal digital lives of your company executives and Board Members — is a complex problem that no CISO, CSO, or IT security team has the time, resources, or authority to solve – even if they wanted to. Download this white paper from BlackCloak to learn all about:

  • Why hackers, cybercriminals, and fraudsters are increasingly attempting to bypass corporate cybersecurity controls by attacking the personal privacy, devices, and homes of your company leaders
  • How once the personal digital lives of your executives are compromised, it’s seamless for the adversary to move laterally into your organization
  • The regulatory, legal, and privacy concerns that make this complex problem all but impossible for your corporate security team to solve on their own
  • What digital executive protection is, and how it greatly reduces risk to your C-Suite, Board Members and senior executives, and by extension, your company