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Measuring Security Awareness Impact for Long-Term Success

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For IT and security leaders, the nascent decade has been a whirlwind of challenges and change. From the pandemic-fueled scramble to connect remote workers to a surge of phishing attacks seeking to exploit the chaos, 2020 was only the start of a daunting new era for cybersecurity.
In a recent survey of tech professionals, 57% said their organization dealt with a successful phishing attack in 2020, up from 55% the year before.2 And the barrage isn’t letting up. A growing surge of high-profile ransomware and data breaches is forcing companies to reckon with their appetite for risk.
Compromise is painful for victims. But it can spark much-needed conversations among executives and the board about cybersecurity and the role user behavior plays in safeguarding the business.
Most cyber threats require humans to activate them. That’s why effective security awareness programs—and changes in user behavior—can play an outsized role in reducing risk.v Many security leaders know this intrinsically. But measuring—and communicating—the impact of your security awareness program to executives doesn’t always come as naturally.
This e-book explores the ins and outs of security awareness programs built for long-term success. It outlines strategies for championing, measuring and nurturing stakeholder buy-in. And it shows you how to make the most of this critical investment.