SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report Managing Human Risk

Discussion Topics

The 2022 SANS Security Awareness Report® analyzes data provided by more than a thousand security awareness professionals from around the world to identify and benchmark how organizations are managing their human risk.

This data-driven report provides actionable steps and resources to enable organizations at any stage of their Awareness program to mature said programs and benchmark them against others.

In this download you will find:

  • The analysis, insights, and actionable data that make great programs successful
  • Program maturity benchmarking trends, as measured against the SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model®
  • How security awareness professionals can grow and develop their careers including detailed salary information and a Career Development path
  • The top challenges awareness programs face in managing human risk
  • What skills limit an organization’s ability to effectively engage its workforce
  • The importance of internal strategic alignment within your organization

Visually helpful graphs, charts, and diagrams to help you draw valuable conclusions about your own program

…and so much more! Download the report now to unlock actionable insights to growing and maturing your security awareness program to excel at Managing Human Risk.