SecureWorks Taegis ™ VDR Review

Discussion Topics

What security professionals expect to find in a vulnerability scanner is going to color their impressions of Secureworks’ Taegis VDR product. Those accustomed to running checks against CIS Benchmarks, generating reports for management, or depending on agents may find this product too austere for their needs. Many of us, fed up with hundreds of configuration options, cluttered UIs, feature bloat, and a general lack of focus on the core of what really matters in vulnerability management will find this product refreshing.

Ultimately, we think it will create a hard line between those who can use it and those who can’t. There might be people in the former category who love what Secureworks is doing here, but just can’t live without some of the traditional features that have been standard with the “Big 3” of this space. Regardless, there is innovation here in the true, undiluted, sense of the word—especially where automation and workflow improvement are concerned. While there is still much work to be done in this area across the industry, we hope that Taegis VDR represents the future direction of labor-intensive cybersecurity products in general.