Securing the supply chain

Discussion Topics

Ransomware gangs have taken their attacks to a dangerous new level in recent months, targeting ubiquitous software used by business, government agencies and critical infrastructure. In two such cases, ransomware crippled the Colonial Pipeline for nearly a week, sending millions along the U.S. east coast scrambling for gas, and the networks of at least 200 U.S. companies were paralyzed when the REvil ransomware syndicate attacked software supplier Kaseya. This ebook delves deep into the threat, explaining how attacks against one piece of widely used software can ripple across the supply chain and grind businesses to a halt even if they weren’t the direct target. We’ll identify the ransomware gangs behind it, the tactics they use and the vulnerabilities they exploit. Most importantly, we’ll explore all the tools and techniques security teams can use to reduce the threat and recover quickly if they are attacked.