Security Culture Maturity Model

Discussion Topics

Introducing the Security Culture Maturity Model

The data-driven and evidence-based Security Culture Maturity Model, developed by KnowBe4 Research, is the industry’s first maturity model specifically geared to measure security culture. The model is fueled by KnowBe4’s massive security awareness, behavior, and culture dataset.

Security Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a group that influence its security. Organizational leaders can use the model to visualize their current level of security culture and plan the steps required to progress from one level to another.

Download the Security Culture Maturity Model to explore:

  • The five levels of security culture maturity to help gauge where your organization stands

  • Details on how the model was built using KnowBe4’s deep expertise into data modeling and analysis

  • The framework behind Culture Maturity Indicators (CMI), such as phishing test results and knowledge assessments, and how these data points flow into the model

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