SecurityWeekly Labs Review: Cortex XDR

Discussion Topics

Like most XDR products, endpoint is both at the core of the Cortex XDR product and shares the stage with a long list of native and third-party integrations. Palo Alto’s ubiquitous firewall is a key component, though competitors’ firewalls are also supported. Log ingestion, cloud infrastructure, and IAM components all have their parts to play. Endpoint forensics, network forensics and malware analysis are also baked in, offering an integrated experience for most incident response and threat hunting workflows.In this SecurityWeekly Labs report, we explore how Palo Alto found a way to bridge the labor gap that often separates effective use of threat detection products from shelfware and (metaphorical) cyber doorstops. Simply put, XDR isn’t XDR without a vendor team actively developing and maintaining these highly correlated detection rulesets. The report delves into time-to-value, maintaining value, and the strengths/weaknesses of Cortex XDR.