Stakeholder Analysis: Motives, Needs and Drivers for Security Awareness Training in Modern Work Environments

Discussion Topics

Motives, needs and drivers for cybersecurity awareness training in modern work environments are findings of a stakeholder analysis with over 160 cybersecurity leaders presenting their opinions and experiences.The demand for more effective cybersecurity solutions is greater than ever. Cybersecurity by design is about securing infrastructure and making people more informed about the evolving risks in the online world and more capable of dealing with them effectively.Key takeaways:1. Compliance the driving factor for cybersecurity awareness Regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA require employers to provide regular cybersecurity training or awareness-raising. However, 58% of the organizations claimed that security awareness training is a top management strategic decision.2. Measuring the success of cybersecurity training is not easy. Incident reports cannot measure the strength of passwords or the use of password managers. In a similar fashion, phishing simulations do not tell the whole story about the cybersecurity readiness of employees because they do not test employees about general cybersecurity habits.