The Modern CISO: An Essential Guide for CISO Success

Discussion Topics

With regulatory pressures mounting, cyberattacks growing more costly, and executive boards demanding more cyber oversight, enterprise CISOs have been tasked with evolving their roles and leadership techniques. In the process, the best and brightest CISOs have realized they must function as more of a business leader than a technology guru.

Devo took a deep dive into these dynamics by surveying 200 modern security leaders. Then, we conducted interviews with seven leading CISOs and vCISOs across a range of industries. By downloading the guide, you’ll uncover:

  • Who CISOs should report to, whether it be the CIO, the CEO, or another group, depending on their organization’s security needs and where the CISO will have the most influence.
  • How the CISO role is evolving, including how many CISOs are now positioning themselves as risk advisors.
  • How CISOs are protecting themselves from legal fallout, especially in the wake of the new SEC cybersecurity rules.
The Modern CISO: An Essential Guide for CISO Success