The Power of Purple Teaming

Discussion Topics

PlexTrac recently partnered with CyberRisk Alliance to conduct a research study on the maturity of security teams based on purple teaming practices. This research focused on a few key topics:

  • Adversarial emulation
  • Red and blue teaming
  • Purple teaming and more

The results, which came from 315 security practitioners from the United States and Canada, uncovered several important takeaways that are sure to influence the information security industry now and in the future.
Many enterprise security organizations follow the red and blue framework when it comes to constructing their teams. However, members of these red and blue teams are reporting challenges that are very clearly soothed by a more proactive, purple approach.
Some of the most reported challenges for red/blue teams are siloed data and inability to get data analytics (51 percent), limited resources (46 percent), and a process that takes too long (36 percent).
But by being more strategic and proactive using testing methods with purple teaming activities like adversary emulation and tabletop exercises, teams can gain valuable insight that will help them do their jobs better. These exercises help gather vital security data analytics, which can guide security organizations to better decisions around prioritization and to provide more resources for areas with the most risk.

Download the full report to get the complete picture.