Threat Intelligence: Critical in the Fight Against Cyber Attacks, But Tough to Master

Discussion Topics

Threat intelligence has long posed a conundrum. Any program using robust, reliable data sources should help reduce response times and prevent existing and emerging threats from penetrating networks and databases. But without proper mechanisms to manage the volume and velocity of threat feeds, security analysts are easily overwhelmed, and security operations are stymied by an inability to turn off a firehose of feed data and false positives. Yet the value of threat intelligence solutions is widely understood — and increasingly embraced.

Download this CRA Business Intelligence report — based on surveys of 391 security executives, directors, managers and IT admins – to learn about:

  • The challenges security teams experience when trying to implement a threat intelligence program
  • The benefits survey respondents experience when using threat intelligence
  • Planned threat intelligence investments organizations plan to make in the next 2 years
  • Guidance to help your organization build strong threat intelligence capabilities