Winnti trojan may help set stage for Skeleton Key attacks, analysts say

Security firm Symantec found a backdoor, called Winnti, on a computer also infected with Skeleton Key.

FTC settles with revenge porn site operator

The Federal Trade Commission has prohibited a revenge porn site operator from sharing nude photos, using deceptive tactics and revealing personal information.

New Chinese cybersecurity policies require U.S. companies to hand over source code

The Chinese government will begin requiring companies who sell computer equipment to the country's banks to comply with a range of intrusive policies.

2015 Predictions

2015: Trends in network performance measurement and application virtualization

2015: Trends in network performance measurement and application virtualization

These two areas of the security space are should to bring in some interesting changes in the new year.

Focus: Cyber Threats

Zeus variant targeting Canadian banks, U.S. banks may also be a target

A new Zeus trojan variant is targeting a number of banks in Canada, including Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, and National Bank of Canada.

Industry Innovators

Perimeter defense

This is another market area that has seen a lot of change over the past few years.

Virtualization and cloud security

The year's Innovators in this group focus on security management in a cloud or virtual environment.

Data protection

Data protection is a fuzzy, sometimes nebulous term. Certainly everything we do on the network is intended to protect the data on it. In an era of widely dispersed global enterprise the data often seems to be alone on the internet.

Security infrastructure

Security infrastructure is another one of those ever-changing categories. What looked like infrastructure a few years ago is, for the most part, long gone.

2014 Hall of Fame

Hall of Famers are in their third consecutive year of appearing here and that sends the strong message that they are Innovators and they have staying power.

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