Researcher finds several vulnerabilities in PHP File Manager

Researcher Sijmen Ruwhof uncovered several critical security vulnerabilities in PHP File Manager that leave user data unprotected.

Darkode allegedly up and running again

Two weeks after an international law enforcement effort shut it down and led to charges, indictments and arrests, reports say online crime forum Darkode is back.

Survey: Nearly all Americans support and want retaliation for cyberattacks

A new poll indicates that Americans want the government to retaliate for cyberattacks that compromise sensitive data.

'Black Vine' group breached Anthem, leveraged zero-day bugs in various campaigns

Symantec said it believes a threat group known as Black Vine is responsible for the Anthem breach, as well as a number of other attacks.

Featured: Malware

'GSMem' malware designed to infiltrate air-gapped computers, steal data

Israeli researchers detailed a new attack that can steal data from air-gapped computers, which are often seen as relatively safe.

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Product Reviews

HyTrust DataControl

Cloud security automation through encryption.

Gurucul Risk Analytics

Behavior-based machine learning and predictive analytics.

Intigua Virtualized IT Operations Command Center

Virtualizes existing management tools using proprietary container technology to encapsulate them in their entirety, and enables them to be centrally managed and automated via a policy engine.

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