Nearly 90 percent of Android devices vulnerable to endless reboot bug

The vulnerability can be exploited by either by a malicious app installed on the affected device, or by luring a user to a specially crafted website.

VPN gone bad: APT actors enlist Chinese 'Terracotta' provider to hide criminal activity

APT actors are using a China-based VPN provider to hide their digital tracks and mask their identities.

Businesses threatened with DDoS extortion attack

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued an alert about extortion campaigns that threaten businesses with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack unless a ransom is paid.

New Windows 10 phishing scam spotted, complete with faked antivirus scan message

Cisco detailed a new phishing campaign that's disguised as email recipients' complementary Windows 10 upgrade.

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Government 'Cybersecurity Sprint' spurs agency authentication measures

Following its "Cybersecurity Sprint" launch, the government has increased authentication measures and reviewed its systems for vulnerabilities.

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Emerging Products: Cloud Security, Part 2

In part two of our cloud security emerging products we see a little shift in product types. This time we see more emphasis on protecting the data. The bulk of these products and services address rather prosaic challenges in innovative ways. Click here.

Product Reviews

HyTrust DataControl

Cloud security automation through encryption.

Gurucul Risk Analytics

Behavior-based machine learning and predictive analytics.

Intigua Virtualized IT Operations Command Center

Virtualizes existing management tools using proprietary container technology to encapsulate them in their entirety, and enables them to be centrally managed and automated via a policy engine.

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This section gives you an opportunity to call out one of your star team members, whose picture and responses would appear in SC Magazine.

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