CloudFlare offers free SSL to its customers

CloudFlare announced on Monday that it would be supporting SSL connections to every customer, including about two million using its free service.

Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 to quell buggy update complaints

The update comes soon after the company released iOS 8.0.1, which caused issues for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users.

Attackers quick to exploit Bash bug, security industry responds quicker

Less than a week after the vulnerability's discovery and only a day after it was revealed, cybercriminals began exploiting the bug to create botnets and determine future attacks.

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Barracuda Spam Firewall 400 v6.1

The Barracuda Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution designed to protect the email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks.

SafeT Data SafeT Box v5.1

Safe-T Box is a secure email and data exchange solution comprised of three components offering high levels of security for secure email solutions.

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Falling off the 'Wagon of Things'

The Internet of Things promises so much. And so the question arises, how are we going to keep all this 'stuff' safe and secure?


A Chinese security firm showed the world how it hacked the Tesla S Car. Also in this month's threats, Iran was declared the top producer of zombie IP addresses.

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