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Guccifer reportedly to plead guilty to certain charges; may aid ongoing federal probes

The infamous hacker Guccifer, who claims to have infiltrated Hillary Clinton's email servers while she was Secretary of State, will reportedly plead guilty today to at least one of the federal charges for which he was extradited to the U.S.


Rep. Speier to introduce revenge porn bill by the end of June

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) is planning to introduce a federal revenge porn bill in late June that would outlaw non-consensual pornography on a national level, a source told


Malware detected on network of Swiss defense contractor

Researchers at Switzerland's CERT found malware on the network of defense contractor Ruag bearing similarities to malware used by Turla APT, a Russian cyberespionage group.


Hackers steal $2M in Bitcoin and other digital currency

Cyber criminals made off with the equivalent of $2 million in Bitcoin and Ethere from Gatecoin.


75% of European SMEs staff confident in their company mobile security

Nearly three quarters (74 percent) of European employees have no concerns about security issues when using a mobile phone owned by their company. Highlighting a significant level of confidence in workplace mobile security strategies, the figure stands at 75 percent for employees at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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San Juan County DWI program patient data compromised

Information on patients in New Mexico's San Juan County DWI treatment program may have been compromised.

Children's National Health System breached, data of 4K patients compromised

More than 4,000 patients of the Children's National Health System received notices of a data breach following a former vendor disclosing patient health information on an FTP site viewable on the web.

San Mateo Foster City School District employee PII compromised in breach

The San Mateo Foster City School District (SMFCSD) reported that personal information of active employees was compromised.

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GCHQ infosec group disclosed kernel privilege exploit to Apple

GCHQ infosec group disclosed kernel privilege exploit to Apple

GCHQ's infosec unit CESG was credited with the discovery of two vulnerabilities that were patched by Apple last week.

May issue now available!

SC Congress Atlanta Slideshow

A photo montage of the inaugural SC Congress Atlanta held on May 17.

Click on the image or here to see the show.

May 2016 Product Reviews

AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform

Significant, mature next-generation blend of SIEM and UTM capabilities at a very reasonable price. Outstanding customer relationship building.

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform

Probably the most complete pure-play SIEM we’ve seen with the added benefit of many next-gen features and superlative correlation and analytics.

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

Excellent price point for a very flexible SIEM/log correlator with lots of features.

The Threat Hunter Blog

Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

We've been examining some of the newer - or, at least, most currently prevalent - strains of ransomware. This time we look at Locky.


Speak the board's language or get fired

Speak the board's language or get fired

A communication gap exists today between CISOs and the board of directors, says Feris Rifai, CEO, Bay Dynamics.

Government surveillance from Caesar to Nixon

Government surveillance from Caesar to Nixon

Government surveillance is, however, not new, says Patrick O'Kane, barrister and compliance counsel.


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