U.S. officials may impose sanctions against Russia, China for cyber attacks

Recent cyberattacks have left U.S. officials mulling economic sanctions as retaliation against Russia and China.

Baby monitor vulnerabilities bring IoT security issues into sharp focus

Research from Rapid7 uncovered vulnerabilities in video baby monitors that could provide a pathway to compromise other devices and networks that link to business resources.

The creator of PGP doesn't use PGP, spurring discussion

The creator of PGP, Phil Zimmerman, said he doesn't use PGP because it isn't compatible with his MacBook, and the security community began talking about what this means for broader encryption efforts.

Fortinet addresses four vulnerabilities in FortiClient

Fortinet has released a firmware update for its endpoint security solution FortiClient in order to address four vulnerabilities reported by Core Security.

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Emerging Products: Cloud Security, Part 2

In part two of our cloud security emerging products we see a little shift in product types. This time we see more emphasis on protecting the data. The bulk of these products and services address rather prosaic challenges in innovative ways. Click here.

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Barclays first bank to accept bitcoin

After conducting London-based tests on bitcoin, Barclays will let people begin to make charitable contributions using the virtual currency.

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This product is the poster child for next-generation anti-malware.

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

The Swiss Army knife of endpoint security.

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security is one of the products that does a lot of different functions.


Opinions Me and my job: David F. Katz

Me and my job: David F. Katz

David F. Katz, partner, Nelson Mullins


Debate: Device manufacturers take a comprehensive approach to securing consumer products.

Debate: Device manufacturers take a comprehensive approach to securing consumer products.

Opinions The accountability gap

The accountability gap

As mobile and cloud dominate the future of the enterprise, security and accountability are falling through the cracks.

Opinions "Dead apps"

"Dead apps"

The mobile malware threat is mostly based on hype, not facts.

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