Researchers identify stealth malware targeting POS systems since at least 2013

Security researchers at cyber threat intelligence company iSight Partners identified malware - called ModPOS - that targets retail point-of-sale systems.

Vonteera adware family adds new trick to arsenal

Vonteera adware family has been spotted using a new trick to disable anti-malware and anti-virus software.

New GlassRAT 'designed for deception,' researchers say

Researchers at RSA discovered GlassRAT malware that targets Chinese nationals, business interests and more.

UK defense spending on cyber threats increased

In today's Strategic Defence & Security Review, the Prime Minister detailed how the government will prepare and respond to a range of national security threats.

Dell ships laptops pre-vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle attacks

Dell reported that it has been shipping Inspiron 14 laptops since August that inadvertently contained the security certificate, eDellRoot, that essentially gives hackers complete access to the system.

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Anonymous hacks, 'Rickrolls' ISIS

When hacking group Anonymous responded to the deadly terror attacks in Paris by threatening ISIS "We will hunt you down," observers may have been left wondering what torturous punishment the group planned.

Product Reviews

Rsam GRC Platform

Rsam is undeniably a traditional GRC product but with a few nice twists.

Skybox SecuritySkybox Enterprise Suite

Skybox Enterprise Suite is strongly focused on the risk part of GRC.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

The Network Configuration Manager takes everything that SolarWinds does well and wraps it in a cloak of GRC functionality.

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Opinions All Talk-Talk and No Action

All Talk-Talk and No Action

The latest cyber attack, a breach compromising the data of up to four million of Talk-Talk's loyal customers, is yet another in a growing line of pernicious cyber attacks against corporate infrastructure.

Opinions How vulnerable is the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

How vulnerable is the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

There are legal issues and technical vulnerabilties aound the use of fingerprint scanners on mobiles, hence, Anthony Neary says, it is vital to have a mix of solutions which enable maximum possible security.

Opinions Thwart email phishing

Thwart email phishing

While there is a regular discussion of how to prevent successful phishing attempts, one of the most successful approaches is ongoing employee training, says Colin McKinty, VP Cyber Security Strategy at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

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