Apple premiers automatic update for security flaw

Apple has issued its first ever automated security update and it's aimed at preventing newly discovered bugs from letting hackers gain control of Macs.

Modified Zeus trojan targets numerous online banking systems

The trojan was detected by Kaspersky Lab researchers as Chthonic, and it appears to be an evolution of ZeusVM.

Cyberattack fells German iron plant

A German iron plant fell victim to a cyberattack that caused physical damage, according to a report on Wednesday from a German federal agency.

2015 Predictions

2015: Just before it all falls

2015: Just before it all falls

Security teams must spend 2015 preparing for a world of wearable, portable, smart tech that is as promiscuous in its data sharing as it is varied in its form factor.

Focus: Cyber Threats

DNS attacks putting organizations at risk, survey finds

More than 75 percent of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. have experienced at least one DNS attack.

Industry Innovators

Perimeter defense

This is another market area that has seen a lot of change over the past few years.

Virtualization and cloud security

The year's Innovators in this group focus on security management in a cloud or virtual environment.

Data protection

Data protection is a fuzzy, sometimes nebulous term. Certainly everything we do on the network is intended to protect the data on it. In an era of widely dispersed global enterprise the data often seems to be alone on the internet.

Security infrastructure

Security infrastructure is another one of those ever-changing categories. What looked like infrastructure a few years ago is, for the most part, long gone.

2014 Hall of Fame

Hall of Famers are in their third consecutive year of appearing here and that sends the strong message that they are Innovators and they have staying power.


The problem with Big Data

The problem with Big Data

Big Data just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It's almost like Moore's Law. has a domino effect.

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