Walmart partnered with Lockheed Martin, FBI for employee surveillance

Walmart partnered with Lockheed Martin and FBI to monitor employee protests between 2012 and 2013

Tech support scams join forces with Nuclear EKs to distribute ransomware

Apparently tech support scams never get old. But they have gotten more aggressive, according to a Symantec blog post penned by researcher Deepak Singh.

Aramada Collective demands ransom to stop DDoS attacks on Greek banks

The hacking group dubbing itself the Armada Collective has claimed responsibility for striking three Greek banks with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and has threatened to continue to do so unless paid a ransom.

Former RoadRunner Wireless worker arrested for hacking company

A Rio Rancho, N.M., man was arrested for allegedly hacking into the servers of his former employer, Roadrunner Wireless, and posing as a company technician.

Google, tech groups oppose SEC's request for exemption from email privacy bill

Google voiced support for the Email Privacy Act and expressed opposition to the SEC's request for exemption from the bill.


Opinions The Security Vulnerability You Can Prevent

The Security Vulnerability You Can Prevent

The Internet of Things is one of the world's fastest growing technologies. Unfortunately, it is also poised to become the fastest growing source of security vulnerabilities in the enterprise - but it doesn't have to be that way.

Opinions All Talk-Talk and No Action

All Talk-Talk and No Action

The latest cyber attack, a breach compromising the data of up to four million of Talk-Talk's loyal customers, is yet another in a growing line of pernicious cyber attacks against corporate infrastructure.

Opinions How vulnerable is the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

How vulnerable is the fingerprint scanner on your phone?

There are legal issues and technical vulnerabilties aound the use of fingerprint scanners on mobiles, hence, Anthony Neary says, it is vital to have a mix of solutions which enable maximum possible security.

Featured: Malware

WordPress sites once again being compromised

The Reader's Digest and other WordPress-based websites are once again on the receiving end of a hacking campaign with this one injecting the sites with malware that has uses Angler exploit kit upload various trojans.

The Threat Hunter Blog

Threat Hunter Blog - Welcome

Threat Hunter Blog - Welcome

This blog has bounced around for quite some time now. It is my sincere hope that it has found a permanent home here. Time, I guess, will tell. For those who have not read earlier versions of this a bit of explanation is in order. For those who have, there are a few changes that I hope you'll appreciate.

Product Reviews

Rsam GRC Platform

Rsam is undeniably a traditional GRC product but with a few nice twists.

Skybox SecuritySkybox Enterprise Suite

Skybox Enterprise Suite is strongly focused on the risk part of GRC.

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

The Network Configuration Manager takes everything that SolarWinds does well and wraps it in a cloak of GRC functionality.

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