Adobe issues security updates to address ColdFusion vulnerability

Successful exploitation of the ColdFusion vulnerability could result in information disclosure, Adobe said.

Scanner identifies thousands of malicious Android apps on Google Play, other markets

A team of researchers created an app vetting scanner referred to as "MassVet," and used it to identify 127,429 malicious apps on 33 Android markets.

Illinois governor vetos amendment to breach notification bill

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner called a recent breach notification amendment a "significant departure from the data protection laws of other states."

Law firms file for class-action status in Target suit

Eleven law firms filed with a Minnesota court this past week to ask for class-action certification over Target's 2013 data breach.

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Emerging Products: Cloud Security, Part 2

In part two of our cloud security emerging products we see a little shift in product types. This time we see more emphasis on protecting the data. The bulk of these products and services address rather prosaic challenges in innovative ways. Click here.

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Report: Phishing costs average organization $3.7 million per year

The extrapolated total annual cost of phishing for the average organization is more than $3.7 million, but $1.8 million could be saved with the right training.

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Product Reviews

Adallom Cloud Application Security Platform

This cloud access security broker supports a huge number of cloud applications and is simple to deploy and seamless to users.

Alert Logic Cloud Defender

This suite of tools from Alert Logic protects data in multiple locations, including on-premises.

Bitglass Enterprise Edition BEE

The heart of Bitglass Enterprise Edition (BEE) is digital rights management (DRM).


Opinions 10 Reasons You Need to Test, Not Guess

10 Reasons You Need to Test, Not Guess

How you are securing your sensitive information should not be a guessing game

Opinions To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true

Much needs to be done to convince boardrooms of the importance of information security.

Opinions IT only guards the front gate

IT only guards the front gate

It's time for a dramatic reimagining of how companies approach security.

Opinions Data exfiltration defense

Data exfiltration defense

A single solution won't stop data theft, says ADP's Roland Cloutier.

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