APT operation 'Double Tap' exploits serious Windows OLE bug

The group, APT3, is also believed to be behind Operation Clandestine Fox, which used social engineering to lure victims into installing malware.

Regin: nation-state possibly behind the stealthy modular spying malware

Symantec is referring to the malware as 'groundbreaking,' particularly due to the advanced techniques it uses to conceal itself.

CoinVault changes up traditional ransomware techniques

A newly identified ransomware takes extra precaution to hide from researchers and possibly show good faith on the attackers' part.

Five arrested in UK for using RATs

Police nabbed five suspects in a series of raids, all for being suspected of using Remote Access Trojans to compromise computers.

FOCUS: Cyber Threats

'DoubleDirect' MitM attack affects iOS, Android and OS X users

Security firm Zimperium detected attacks in the wild over the past six to eight months.

Product Reviews

Fortinet FortiDB 1000D

The FortiDB 1000D is a hardware appliance that monitors, audits and identifies vulnerabilities in databases. There are three deployment options: network sniffer, native audit and network agents.

White Ops Advanced

Provides evidence-based bot and malware detection with high certainty, in real-time, on any browser-based web request.

Boldon James Classifier

Allows users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels.

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager

Sensitive Data Manager ties discovery to business issues making classification easier and more relevant.


PCI 3.0: The good, the changes and why it's not ugly

PCI 3.0: The good, the changes and why it's not ugly

The primary challenge to secure payment card data is that too many involved see the PCI DSS as a panacea for every risk in the marketplace.

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