Researchers analyze faulty new Linux backdoor

Researchers at Dr. Web have discovered a faulty trojan designed as a backdoor for Linux that could also target Windows systems.

'GSMem' malware designed to infiltrate air-gapped computers, steal data

Israeli researchers detailed a new attack that can steal data from air-gapped computers, which are often seen as a reliably safe. hit with DDoS attack from man who hates NYC was hit with a DDoS attack that lasted about 12 hours and was executed by a man with a vendetta against all things having to do with New York City.

Critical Android bugs can be exploited via MMS, 950M users affected

Successfully exploiting the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to spy on users, or even completely take over the device.

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All smartwatches are vulnerable to attack, finds study

All ten smartwatches tested by HP Fortify reported significant security vulnerabilities, along with their Android and iOS cloud and mobile application components, according to a new report.

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HyTrust DataControl

Cloud security automation through encryption.

Gurucul Risk Analytics

Behavior-based machine learning and predictive analytics.

Intigua Virtualized IT Operations Command Center

Virtualizes existing management tools using proprietary container technology to encapsulate them in their entirety, and enables them to be centrally managed and automated via a policy engine.

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