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Mutiny on the bug bounty

Researcher Wesley Wineberg said he's been censured due to his participation in the Facebook bug bounty program.


Twitter has shut down 125K accounts amid terrorism concerns since mid-2015

In an effort to help curb terrorism, Twitter has suspended 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 that it said threatened or promoted terrorist acts.


Mozilla unveils timetable for discontinuing Firefox OS

Mozilla yesterday shed new light on its plan to phase out its Firefox operating system and instead focus on Internet of Things solutions, with an emphasis on data privacy and security.


Panther Creek senior arrested for hacking school, changing grades

In an oft-repeated tale, a senior at Panther Creek High School was arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges for hacking into a school computer and changing grades.


Energy sector execs see successful cyberattack as likely

A cyberattack on a company in the energy, utility, oil and gas sectors is fully capable of causing harm to the physical plant, according to a Tripwire survey of IT professionals working in these fields.

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Unauthorized access leads to Neiman Marcus Group breach, 5,200 affected

Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) reported that someone gained unauthorized access to thousands of online customer accounts.

Missing drives contained PHI on 950K Centene customers

During an inventory of its IT assets, health insurer Centene discovered that six hard drives containing personal and health information on 950,000 customers had gone missing.

University of Virginia hit with Phishing scam, 1,400 affected

The University of Virginia (UVA) suffered a data breach that was initiated via a phishing scam that revealed the tax and banking data of some of the school's employees.

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Private sector can't ignore threat intel

As IT security decision-makers wrestle with how to evaluate threat intelligence solutions, especially in light of the recent demise of intel provider Norse Corp., a new report highlighted the perils of ignoring threat intelligence.

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STIX Wrap-Up

STIX Wrap-Up

Well, after a bit of travel that slowed me down, we're ready to wrap up our introduction to STIX. We ended last time on a high level overview of the APT1 campaign as presented by Mandiant/FireEye. That top level looked a bit like Figure 1:


Opinions Me and my job: Gina Chapman

Me and my job: Gina Chapman

Gina Chapman, senior director of security operations, Center for Internet Security


Threat of the month: February 2016

Threat of the month: Man-in-the-middle attack


Debate: Cybersecurity information sharing allows network defenders to stay ahead of adversaries.

Debate: Cybersecurity information sharing allows network defenders to stay ahead of adversaries.

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