The Heartbleed bug works, and could be a scapegoat for older breaches

Researchers proved the Heartbleed bug was real in a challenge issued by CloudFlare to prove private keys can be stolen, right around the time companies are claiming they were breached because of the critical flaw.

Researchers find Android security issue in app permissions protocol

The permissions issue could allow a malicious app to alter legitimate home screen icons.

Heartbleed bug not leveraged for surveillance, NSA says

After a Bloomberg article reported that unnamed sources indicated that the NSA knew of the major flaw and utilized it for surveillance purposes, the agency denied the claims.

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It's not the breach that kills you, it's the cover-up

It's how you handle yourself during and after a breach that will determine just how detrimental the breach actually is for your organization.

Building security around Bitcoin

Similar to building a multi-layer security strategy for a business, before deciding what security controls should be implemented to protect Bitcoin transactions, we first need to identify the targets.


Bloomberg reported on Friday that the National Security Agency (NSA) was aware of the SSL/TLS encryption-breaking Heartbleed bug for at least two years before the now infamous flaw caught the attention of the world earlier this week. Shortly after, on its public affairs Twitter account, the NSA said it was not aware of the vulnerability until it was made public.

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