Exploit identified that takes advantage of Adobe vulnerability

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A new exploit in the wild takes advantage of a disclosed Adobe vulnerability, according to ThreatTrack Security Labs.

The exploit was identified by ThreatTrack on Friday when its antivirus picked on the file ‘cc.swf' being delivered from ‘hxxp://java-sky.com/swf/cc.swf,' according to a Friday blog post, which explains that a payload is retrieved from ‘hxxp://java-sky.com/d.exe' when the file is executed.

ThreatTrack researchers analyzed the payload and learned that the malware is capable of sleep calls, code injection, registry changes and other activity, according to the blog, which adds that only three of 51 antivirus vendors were detecting the exploit as of its posting.

The Adobe vulnerability, which could severely impact Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android systems, was disclosed on Feb. 20 and security patches have been made available.

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