Threat of the month: Hacktivism

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What is it?
Recently, the hacker group Anonymous has demonstrated some of the most brazen hacking activity we have ever seen, manifesting a new global voice to heed when defining and implementing security controls.

How does it work?
Anonymous boldly took direct action against corporations and persons deemed a threat to their cause. This public demonstration has resulted in an even stronger resolve and willingness to perform criminal acts in the support of their ideals. Any person, organization, company or government may be targeted. Now the group is recruiting exploits and skills to support their hacking activities.  

How can I prevent it?
In many ways the Anonymous movement is a digital manifestation of mob mentality. The “success” that Anonymous has enjoyed will only feed the allure recently created.  We can expect hacktivist movements will continue to gain momentum and further support. We must act now to educate our employees and our leaders of this powerful threat. 
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