Report: June phishing attacks account for over $400M in losses

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A tremendous increase in phishing attacks has been identified by security experts in the month of June, resulting in more than $400 million in global losses.

According to researchers at RSA's Anti-Fraud Command Center, 55,813 phishing attacks were identified in June, an increase of 43 percent from May. 

The attacks added up to $476 million in losses in that short time span, according to RSA's monthly fraud report. One of the top targets for cyber criminals has been U.S. regional banks, which accounted for one out of every three attacks in recent months, or a total of 30 to 35 percent of the total phishing volume identified by experts. 

Although the U.S. experienced a 16 percent decline in phishing attacks, it still led the way globally as the most targeted country with 57 percent of the phishing volume aimed at it.

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