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Federal agencies fall short on data breaches, GAO report says

National breach notification law would usurp patchwork of state laws


A bill recently introduced by the House Financial Services Committee would amend the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) to include a national breach notification law for the financial industry that would supersede the multitude of state laws. “It is going to take better cooperation from all my colleagues and the industries that handle consumer data in order…

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Report: Amazon employees under investigation for allegedly sharing internal data with merchants


Online mega-retailer Amazon reportedly has launched an investigation into employees who may have accepted bribes from independent merchants in exchange for sharing private corporate data. Citing sellers and brokers with knowledge of the practice, as well as people familiar with Amazon’s investigations, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that data being shared in violation of…

Survey: Nearly one-third of breached companies reported job losses after data breach


Nearly one-third of surveyed companies that experienced a data breach in the previous 12 months said the incident cost certain employees their jobs. Conducted by Kaspersky Lab last March and April, the “Global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey” elicited responses from 5,878 businesses across 29 countries. Among this data set, 1,062 small-to-medium-sized businesses and 863…

Internet companies push for national privacy law


The Internet Association, which represents more than 40 companies, including Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Twitter, came out Tuesday in favor “an economy-wide, national approach to regulation that protects the privacy of all Americans” rather than adhere to a bundle of individual state laws like the recently passed California  Consumer Privacy Act. The group seeks “meaningful controls over how…

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