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Center for all IT-related crime content including data theft, ransomware to phishing scams, IoT hacks and malware.

Privacy & Compliance
Teri Robinson
Apr 28, 2017
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Center for all content concerning IT infrastructures including cloud security, vulnerability management, crisis planning and more.

Bradley Barth
Apr 28, 2017

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Verdict: This is an excellent approach to first phase interdiction for ransomware attacks and shows a solid understanding of the ransomware process and how to manage its delivery through phishing.

SC Magazine Recommended

Sophos Intercept X and Endpoint Protection

Verdict: This is a solid anti-ransomware tool, priced right and well-supported. It certainly deserves your attention. We make this our Recommended product for multi-featured products this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete

Verdict: This is absolutely a world-class anti-ransomware product in a world-class ecosystem. Using the associated products, you can build out a solid security framework in your enterprise. For its completeness and solid competence, we make this our Best Buy this month.

WatchPoint CryptoStopper

Verdict: A promising product not quite ready for prime time.


Fragmentation: The "Silent Killer" of Your Security Management Program

Extreme fragmentation of enterprise security is contributing to the “Detection Deficit” between attackers and defenders reaching an all-time high. In this paper we’ll lay out a path...

Communicate Simply - Migrate Confidently

Simple conversations live at the heart of business. Level 3 Voice Complete lets you easily migrate to SIP, enabling you to have those conversations with customers, colleagues and partners...

Solution Brief: Nothing kills attacks earlier than DNS-layer security

Reduce security alerts by 2-10X by adding Umbrella as the first layer of defense in your security stack, which will block garden-variety threats that add noise as well advanced threats...

Types of cyber-attacks and how to prevent them

This e-book shows you the strategies and tools used by cyber-criminals ─ and how you can stop them.

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