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SC Media is proud to present the class of 2019 finalists. 
Now in its 22nd year, SC Awards is recognized as the industry gold standard of accomplishment for cybersecurity professionals, products and services. Here are the finalists!!


A cybersecurity guide for small and medium businesses – Security on a Budget
In this report, SC provides background on specific challenges faced by these organizations, the cybersecurity challenges they face, how the threat landscape is impacting them now and in future, and insight on key areas of concern and how to leverage various technologies. Product categories included: Next-Gen Firewalls, Endpoint Solutions, and Log Management. 
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Group Tests – GRC, risk and policy management

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager

Verdict: From a single consultant usage to a large enterprise, STREAM is extremely scalable while offering top of the line reporting.

SAI Global – SAI360 Digital Risk

Verdict: This continues to be one of the strongest contenders in the GRC space. We make this product our Recommended title for this month.

Skybox Security Platform

Verdict: Risk policy management coupled with vulnerability management can accurately reveal potential risks that are often missed by other tools lacking these capabilities.

Tripwire Enterprise

Verdict: With the combination of change audit and configuration assessment, this intuitive tool hits the mark for use with your next compliance driven project.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

Verdict: This tool is one of the best for providing user end-to-end visibility and control of network security policy.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite 2018.1

Verdict: Great security management product with effective automation options to free up more time for your security teams.

Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud

Verdict: Great API-driven technology that integrates with Slack, Jira and Okta for SSO, also provides users concrete documentation and workflow suggestions. This is a strong contender in its space and worth a look.

FireMon Security Manager

Verdict: With the ability to automate the review process utilizing FireMon’s Policy Optimizer and the unique vulnerability scanner risk analyzer, this product leverages all metrics possible to deliver the most accurate risk scores possible.

Allgress Insight Risk Manager

Verdict: The continued ease of use paired with numerous preconfigured compliance frameworks makes this a product you want to test in your environment.