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Anomali ThreatStream

Verdict: Solid threat intelligence product with a prodigious collection of resources. Fits well into just about threat and intelligence analysis tool set. At a price that is hard to beat, we make this our best Buy.

SurfWatch Threat Analyst

Verdict: In a sensitive environment – such as a financial institution that can afford the resource – this is a very solid contender. There is a whole lot to like about it and it may be one of the most powerful tools on the market.

CounterTack Digital DNA DDNA

Verdict: This is a good tool and certainly has a place in your analysis stack.

Cyjax Intelligence Platform

Verdict: We wish that Cyjax would use humans instead of computers to probe underground forums. Also, this is a bit pricey for what it offers. However, if you need open source intelligence with a bit of closed source thrown in, this is well worth your time to examine.


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