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Every year the SC Media Innovators edition highlights technologies that stand out from the crowd and show great promise for the future and the 2018 list of honorees is no different. The SC Labs Review Team is proud to present the 18 vendors being honored as well as the six members of much-anticipated class of 2018 Hall of Fame inductees.

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Welcome to the Dec. 2018 – Jan. 2019 issue of SC Magazine: Reboot

Land of the giants – 2018 threw some cybersecurity curve balls but it also looked a lot like 2017.

Supply and demand (for security) – 2018 was the year when the alarm was raised earnest about potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

A look back at 2018: 
Cybersecurity legislation
Smart cities
Cybersecurity mergers and acquisitions
Top Cyberthreats

SC Innovators and Hall of Fame honorees are here.
The entire SC family invites all our readers to please download the complete list..

Group Tests – File Encryption

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Verdict: Very intuitive, highly customizable, with the ability to make security as simple or granular as you wish with the various configurations. With compliance support, Outlook add-in, and ease-of-use ability makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to secure their data.

Covata SafeShare

Verdict: Highly versatile, with ability to use SafeShare as a web-based application, client application, or hosted on premises.

IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption

Verdict: This is a great product for large environments, especially for those requiring GDPR support. It offers Windows and Linux support, giving it versatility. The customizability and security of the Multi-Cloud Data Encryption, and the unique raid like setup gives customers privacy assurance and flexibility.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise

Verdict: The combination of Sophos SafeGuard Key Ring adding the extra layer of file security, location-based file encryption and application-based encryption, makes this product worth checking out if you are looking for an on-premises file encryption solution.