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‘Every day is game day:’ Sports psychology expert applies his skills to cybersecurity

Derin McMains, a former professional ballplayer and peak performance coordinator for the MLB, provides guidance to ReliaQuest employees and executives on performing under pressure and staying resilient. As he told SC Media in an interview, “Pressure is a privilege… If you don’t feel pressure in what you do, it’s too easy or it doesn’t really matter to you. Who wants to do that?”

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Product reviews

Analyst1 v1.9

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find Analyst1 a comprehensive threat intelligence platform that Government organizations may especially appreciate because it can run on top-secret networks and portion mark everything according to classification and dissemination controls.


Verdict: Overall, security pros will find Anomali a mature, at-scale threat intelligence solution. Administrators and security teams will stop threats more effectively, improve productivity, and reduce the risk of security breaches.

AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

Verdict: AT&T Alien Labs OTX serves as a useful threat intelligence resource for organizations of all sizes. Security pros will find it an easy-to-use threat intelligence product that will benefit any organization.


Verdict: Overall, security pros will find Bandura a scalable, open threat intelligence platform with simple policy configurations and effective logging and triage analysis. This functions as a unique, easy-to-use, and massively scalable solution.

DarkOwl Vision

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find DarkOwl Vision a powerful research tool that lets analysts conduct searches on the dark web and around it. Those looking for more traditional threat intelligence products should consider leveraging DarkOwl alongside other threat intelligence solutions for a powerhouse security stack. DarkOwl is especially geared towards law enforcement agencies.

DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform v3.0

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find the Iris Investigation Platform a useful tool that invites collaboration, especially in analyzing the risk of an IP address or website.

EclecticIQ Platform v2.4

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find EclecticIQ Platform a threat intelligence platform built for analysts, offering them several tools geared towards maximizing efficacy and efficiency, a secure means of team collaboration, and an elastic search feature to help them mine and research threat intelligence data.

IntSights External Threat Protection Suite

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find IntSights External Threat Protection Suite a unique and powerful threat intelligence product that integrates with other solutions. While this product offers a lot of value to all who deploy it, we believe that larger organizations will find it a particularly useful tool.

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, Inc. scoutPRIME 2020.2.K.25.66

Verdict: Security pros will find LookingGlass scoutPRIME a flexible product with many configurations that cover several use cases. It gathers all the inferred or verified CVEs across collections, giving analysts the ability to conduct passive vulnerability management and the geodata to conduct research on more granular data points and discover regions or countries of origin.

ManageEngine Log360

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find ManageEngine Log360 a powerful but resource-intensive product that manifests the ManageEngine ethos that threat intelligence should combine the strengths of many different sources, not depend on a singular capability.

Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform v2020

Verdict: Overall, security pros will find Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform a strong contender in the threat intelligence category, especially considering its robust integration catalogue and fully-documented API.