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Group Tests – Email Security

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Verdict: Total Email Protection guards on-premise and cloud-based email solutions with multi-layered email protection that can detect threats more effectively that traditional email gateways. The intuitive interface makes deployment simple and the bundled features combine to create a comprehensive email security solution.

BitDam ATP for Email

Verdict: By proactively quarantining weaponized files and URL’s before delivery, ATP can protect organizations by blocking attacks at the source. The embedded AI enhances its capabilities while the intuitive dashboard simplifies administration. BitDam’s current global expansion and perpetual improvement to ATP makes it worth a look.

EdgeWave ePrism

Verdict: ePrism addresses the evolution of email-borne threats by factoring the human element into detection. Setup and administration are simple, and the customizable reporting provides detailed information for use in triage and remediation. A polished and intuitive dashboard encourages interaction, and its affordability makes it a solid solution for organizations of all sizes.


Verdict: The combination of scanning inbound emails for known and unknown threats, using machine learning to generate behavioral fingerprints of end-users, and capitalizing on the combined efforts of human analysts and AI to respond to incidents creates an efficient and adaptive platform for phishing detection and mitigation. IRONSCALES is a solid solution that will compliment any security stack.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway

Verdict: With instant access to notification feeds and email flow data from the dashboard, Mimecast provides administrators the most relevant information as soon as they connect. Its strong defense against social engineering attacks, ransomware and the usual gambit of email-borne threats make it a viable option for any organization.

SonicWall Hosted Email Security

Verdict: If safeguarding your network with the latest protection is something that you aspire to have, then SonicWall’s Hosted Email Security or Email Security Appliance should be on your shortlist of products to consider.

Sophos Email Advanced

Verdict: With thousands of new email-borne threats discovered every day, Sophos Email Advanced deploys the latest tools and technology to shut down attacks before they even begin. Both powerful and affordable, it addresses the ever-increasing risk of stealthy malware, tricky impersonation attempts, and costly reputation harm in a single, easy to deploy platform.

Symantec Email

Verdict: Complete protection of your cloud-based and on-premise email flow is attainable with Symantec Email Offering a multilayered defense that is tied to their global intelligence network provides unparalleled protection against every variation of email-borne attacks. If you’re looking for a solid cloud-based email security option, give Symantec a look.

Vade Secure for Office 365

Verdict: If you are in the market for an email security solution that seamlessly integrates with Office 365, then look no further. Vade Secure protects an organization against malware and other threats with their native, API-based platform. The familiarity of Office 365 makes it easy for administrators to implement and the end-user experience is virtually unchanged.


Verdict: ZixProtect provides a multilayered approach to examining email, allowing real-time threat analysis by live security experts, and machine learning. The platform reduces threats with a high degree of accuracy, is easily integrated with simple one-step setup, and is highly customizable. The many services the platform provides makes ZixProtect a strong contender.