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Group Tests – File Encryption

Cisco Tetration

Verdict: Deep customizability from policies to the process hierarchical structure, paired with the highly intuitive interface makes this a strong contender.

CloudPassage Halo

Verdict: Halo is a robust scalable product that can be implemented in almost any type of environment.

GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

Verdict: Combining the scalability from small to large enterprise environments with the ability to group virtually all types of environments together is incredibly useful. Having the choice to utilize agents or the agentless approach for deployment options gives a nice blend of customizability.

ShieldX Elastic Security Platform

Verdict: With the capability to have a single pane view into any environment, along with dynamic scaling, visibility and discovery across a multi-cloud infrastructure, this product is worth adding to the top of your list.

vArmour Application Controller

Verdict: vArmour is a customer defined security solution at the business application level with a single set of controls across hybrid infrastructure. The Application Controller makes security vague enough for clients, so the information they receive is workable and not overwhelming while still affording them a deeply flexible, customizable product. The depth is there for the experienced administrators that want to get more detailed.