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Product Reviews

Acalvio Technologies ShadowPlex 3.3

Verdict: Acalvio Technology’s ShadowPlex aims to detect advanced attackers with precision and speed while addressing the limitations of hard-to-install, difficult-to-maintain solutions otherwise not suited for enterprise-scale environments for accurate, timely and cost-effective detection.

Attivo Networks ThreatDefend Deception and Response Platform version 5.0

Verdict: This catch-all solution with third-party integrations, automated playbooks, endpoint forensics and extensive features deserves consideration.

CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform 2.3.0

Verdict: CounterCraft’s Cyber Deception Platform is a full spectrum deception solution that takes the design, deployment, and management of deception to the next level.

Fidelis Cybersecurity Deception 9.2.1

Verdict: Fidelis’s goal is to catch attackers inside the network by luring them into decoys, sophisticated data-traps and Active Directory deception.

Illusive Networks Deception Management System V3.1.105

Verdict: The Illusive Networks Deception Management System stops attacks by disrupting the human-decision making process behind lateral movement.

PacketViper Deception360 version 5.0

Verdict: PacketViper is an active, agentless deception solution combining internal deception with active exterior facing artifacts. Action taken early in the kill chain detects, prevents and responds to threats automatically without the need for complex orchestrations.

Smokescreen Technologies IllusionBLACK 3.7

Verdict: Smokescreen Technologies’ IllusionBLACK accurately and efficiently detects targeted threats in real time by creating decoys deployed in the network alongside legitimate assets. It provides decoys for the entire kill chain, yielding unparalleled coverage and maximizing the probability an attacker will engage with a decoy. It even identifies privilege escalation.

TrapX Security DeceptionGrid 6.3

Verdict: TrapX Security’s DeceptionGrid rapidly detects, deceives and defeats attacks in real time while providing automated, accurate insight into malicious activity observed by other types of defense tools with almost zero false positives.