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Illena Armstrong, VP, Editorial, chats with SonicWall CEO Bill Conner about concerning threats, non-traditional points of entry, and steps your organization can take to secure your corporate infrastructure.


Group Tests – Email Security

Fortinet FortiGate 601E

Verdict: With scalable performance and ultra-low latency, it automates distributed enterprise operations.


Verdict: Strong native cloud SIEM solution with very little setup time compared to your traditional on premises SIEM solutions.

LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform

Verdict: The many features offered to assist in remediating attacks across the lifecycle simplify the daily duties for analysts of any expertise level.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Verdict: The hundreds of pre-built dashboards, partner integrations, and customizations make this a fitting solution for all.

Netsurion EventTracker

Verdict: This is a highly intuitive, customizable solution that aims to make use of this effective security measure very straightforward.

Secucloud Secuscaler

Verdict: The standout intuitiveness and affordability make this a solid buy for those looking for a basic solution that will function exactly as claimed.

Sophos XG Firewall

Verdict: This has a robust reporting system with hundreds of pre-built, included reports that can be customized to make this a fantastic security solution for those looking to pull that information into reports.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Verdict: Unique Use-Case Library and search functionality allows for quick, single-pane viewing of aggregate data for investigation, manual threat hunting, and complex statistical analyses.

WatchGuard Technologies Firebox M270 withTotal Security Suite

Verdict: This is an intuitive solution that accomplishes what it claims to and offers a wide variety of downloadable report options.

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Verdict: Total Email Protection guards on-premise and cloud-based email solutions with multi-layered email protection that can detect threats more effectively that traditional email gateways. The intuitive interface makes deployment simple and the bundled features combine to create a comprehensive email security solution.