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SC Media is the essential resource for cybersecurity professionals — the flagship information brand of CyberRisk Alliance and the gateway to content from Security Weekly, CRA Business Intelligence, Infosec World, and SC Events. These resources offer an unparalleled range of foresight, learning, and collaboration — news-analysis and enterprise reporting; practitioner-led podcasts and videos; research, data, and product reviews; events, conferences, and training; and much more. Through these resources and our authoritative network of advisers, faculty, and contributors, we convene and engage the complete cyber community, to share insight with, by, and for security practitioners and leaders.

CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) was formed to help cybersecurity professionals face the challenges and obstacles that threaten the success and prosperity of their organizations. We provide business intelligence and information services to help our growing community build effective strategies and make smart decisions, and innovative marketing solutions to galvanize an efficient marketplace. Most of all, we work to engage the entire cyber community and lift the success of all industry professionals.

Security Weekly is the security podcast network for the security community, distributing free podcasts and media since 2005. We connect the security industry and the security community through our security market validation programs. We view our relationships with the security industry as partnerships, not sponsorships. Security Weekly works closely with each partner to help them achieve their marketing goals and gain traction in the security market.


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