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Jill Aitoro – Editor in Chief
[email protected]
Ph: 571-281-2469

Bradley Barth – Deputy Editor
[email protected]
Ph: 347-480-1562

Stephen Weigand – Digital Production Manager/Managing Editor
[email protected]

Jessica Davis – Senior Editor, Health Care
[email protected]
Ph: 207-208-6724

Joe Uchill – Senior Reporter
[email protected]

Derek Johnson – Senior Reporter
[email protected]
Ph: 703-955-0785

Steve Zurier – Contributor
[email protected]
Ph: 443-622-5291


Dave Kaye – Chief Revenue Officer
[email protected]
Ph: 917-613-8460

Amy Hueppe – Director of Customer Success
[email protected]

Jen La Flam – Director, Strategic Accounts
[email protected]

Valerie Williamson – Director, Strategic Accounts
[email protected]

Robyn Armao – Director, Strategic Accounts
[email protected]
Ph: 914.263.4178


Matt Alderman – SVP, Business Intelligence Unit
[email protected]
Ph: 720-244-9652


400 Madison Avenue, Suite 6C
New York, N.Y. 10017


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