Dawn Cappelli: ‘A CISO needs to bring business value to the company’

June 10, 2021
Dawn Cappelli is VP and CISO
at Rockwell Automation.
  • Software supply chain: Any company that uses third-party software in their products needs to have a formal program to ensure that the software is developed using a secure development life cycle which includes security testing throughout the development process. In addition, technology should be used to ensure the security of open source software used in all products. The recent Executive Order requires this for any product used by the U.S. government, but hopefully this will become standard practice globally.
  • Manufacturing supply chain: Manufacturing was the top sector hit by ransomware attacks in 2020, including small and medium suppliers in the manufacturing supply chain. It is important that companies confirm that the security posture of their critical suppliers is sufficiently resilient against ransomware attacks.
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