DENVER — The world of identity management continues to evolve, but the non-profit Kantara Initiative is working behind the scenes to ensure that traditional values like trust, transparency and the right to privacy doesn’t fall by the wayside in the name of progress.

At the Identiverse conference In Denver this week, Kantara Executive Director Kay Chopard sat down with SC Media to discuss the organization’s latest efforts to introduce standards and controls for identity technologies and services, while preventing misuse of individuals’ personal information.

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At its core, the Richmond, Virginia-based industry association assembles identity working groups and think tanks, and also provides provides certifications to bodies whose identity proofing, authentication, and credential management processes succeed in meeting established trust framework specifications.

Some of Kantara’s key offerings include third party assessed assurance for NIST SP 800-63-3 – a government framework created to measure risks associated with for identity management activities — and also user-managed access, an OAuth-based standard designed let individuals control, from a centralized authorization server, how personal data such as identity attributions are shared among multiple parties.

"Sometimes it sounds old-fashioned to say we encourage integrity and trust and truth," said Chopard. But these values "very much permeate everything that we do, and all of our efforts."

Watch the video to hear from more Chopard on the Kantara Initiative's mission and endeavors.