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SC Media’s complete coverage: Threat and Preparation

The novel coronavirus is challenging organizations on all fronts. Leaders must contend not only with cyberattackers leveraging COVID-19, but also employee, customer and partner concerns, and business continuity and risk management planning. Visit this page for ongoing updates to coverage from SC Media and other CyberRisk Alliance affiliates — including news analysis, business guidance and insights…

apple patch

Apple releases more than 30 security patches

Apple released updates across eight product lines with several having more than a dozen issues addressed. Apple does not rate the severity of each vulnerability, but does break them all down for its users. One batch of 13 vulnerabilities was shared across three products, iCloud for Windows versions 10.9.3, 7.18 and iTunes 12.10.5 . Five of…


APT41 activity down during China COVID-19 quarantines; massive campaign undeterred

COVID-19 spreading through parts of China did not entirely deter APT41 from carrying out one of the largest campaigns ever conducted by a Chinese cyberespionage group. The attacks were not directly tied to the Coronavirus outbreak nor did the attackers attempt to leverage the virus in any way, but FireEye noted the group’s activity did…

COVID-19 puts corporate WFH capabilities to the test

While many organizations already have telecommute policies and solutions in place, they are most commonly for either fully-remote workers or for employees who typically work in the office but need flexibility for unusual situations. The current environment most companies now face may put their remote workplace capabilities to the test. This is most pronounced when…

Mirai variant Mukashi searching out Zixel NAS devices

The new Mirai variant Mukashi is targeting Zyxel network attached storage (NAS) devices using brute force attacks based on the default admin credentials and then exploiting CVE-2020-9054. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 said almost all Zyxel NAS products running firmware versions up to 5.21 are susceptible. CVE-2020-9054 is a pre-authentication command injection vulnerability, which may…

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