Amazon Web Services announced that it has upgraded its Amazon GuardDuty security monitoring platform with new threat detection capabilities, SiliconANGLE reports. The additional features include GuardDuty EKS Runtime Monitoring, a lightweight security agent for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service users that profiles and monitors on-host behavior at the operating system level, including process execution, network connections, and file access, which when combined with extended visibility and audit logs, gives users a broad view of their environment and the ability to detect and remediate threats. Another new capability is GuardDuty RDS Protection, which was created for the Amazon Aurora database service and is able to detect potential threats on the service without impacting performance. Lastly, AWS customers will receive new capabilities to safeguard their serverless applications through the new GuardDuty Lambda Protection, which provides continuous monitoring of serverless workloads as well as network communications analysis mapped as far as individual Lambda functions, enabling detection of malicious communications and known compromise activities.