Palo Alto Networks has released the Nova version of its PAN-OS operating system, which the company says will enable greater protection against zero-day injection and malware threats, according to Security Boulevard. The enhanced PAN-OS 11.0 Nova leverages an Advanced WildFire cloud service featuring a hardened hypervisor that allows malware analysis in a sandbox environment and is capable of identifying 26% more zero-day malware, said Palo Alto Networks Senior Vice President of cloud-delivered security servicesJesse Ralston. Meanwhile, the company's Advanced Threat Prevention service can detect 26% more code injection attacks. The OS was also upgraded with natively integrated web proxy capabilities to support Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls as well as upgrades to the firewalls integrating them with fivefold-faster machine learning algorithms. In addition, the company has updated its cloud access security broker with SaaS Security Posture Management capabilities, allowing users to address misconfigurations in over 60 software-as-a-service applications catering to enterprises, and updated the Palo Alto Networks AIOps solution to allow it to identify inefficient security policies and prevent best practices violations.