Mobile device management (MDM) software, widely used to manage and secure employee devices in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, compromise user privacy, according to a recent study.

The MDM software could allow organizations to track data, including user communications, real-time location, browsing history, and personal information, according to the firm's MDMayhem: How MDM Software Exposes Your Personal Data report.

The study also found the software was able to capture login credentials and remotely wipe a user's device without any recourse.

According to an earlier Bitglass survey cited in the study, 57 percent of employees refused to join a BYOD program due to privacy concerns and that 67 percent would only do so if their employers couldn't view or alter their personal data and applications.

Researchers said some companies are turning to agent-less, data-centric solutions to protect data on unmanaged devices, while still allowing flexible access without privacy implications of an MDM.